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Project Cargo Service


We extend our services to cover the area of Project Cargo.

The services we offer are as the followings:

-          Odd-sized cargo movement exported from China,

Hong Kong & Taiwan to worldwide

-          Break bulk vessel-chartering

-          On-site operation (eg. Cargo movement regarding

to factory removal)


We have a highly experienced team to work on every enquiry

individually for the rates so as to  tailor-made a proposal for

cargo movement. 


We appreciate your rate enquiry. Please fill in the

"Rate enquiry form for Project Cargo" and  

send your rate enquiry to Project@triple-eagle.com.


For detail information, please contact:  

Christa Chan

Project Cargo Division

e-mail: project@triple-eagle.com

Direct line: (852) 2359 2329

Fax: (852) 2359 2429
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