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Company culture:

To create the brand name for you & me, The customer's needs are our primary concern. Our approach is economical and streamlined because time is of the essence in today's accelerated business environment. Through constantly refining our procedures and learning more effective techniques we strive for customer satisfaction and build our reputation for reliability, professionalism and personal service.

Mission & Vision :

* We are not a school
  but we are constantly training our staff to improve service quality and raise their level of knowledge. We believe this benefits not only our customers but also builds a sense of achievement and team spirit in our company, a company that all are proud to be a part of.

* We are not a bank
  but we strive to support our customers' business needs and achieve mutual growth through our cooperation.

* We are not a charity
  but we are part of a larger community and we seek to contribute to the development of both our staff and the wider society.


Building on a solid foundation of experience around the world relating to logistics know how and our network of personal contacts with airlines, shipping companies, importers and exporters we are applying best practice to our operations in China for the benefit of all our customers. In turn we anticipate the further development of the logistics industry in China to benefit all other links in the worldwide supply chain with a positive effect on world economic growth.
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